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Lucidity • G • McKay/Sheppard • 09/12/04 • 5 kb • Spoilers for "Home"

"Someone took something you said the wrong way? I'm shocked and amazed."

Magnetic North • G • McKay/Sheppard • 09/17/04 • 8 kb • Spoilers for "Childhood's End"

McKay hurried through his post-mission unpacking, anxious for a snack and a cup of coffee.

Beta Reader Appreciation Day • G • McKay/Sheppard • 10/13/04 • 6 kb

"Your numbers are off."

Immoveable/Irresistible • PG • McKay/Sheppard • 10/14/04 • 6 kb

Rodney is used to wanting what he can't have.

Existentialism • G • McKay/Sheppard preslash • 10/19/04 • 7 kb • Spoilers for "Childhood's End"

"Why are we here, again?"

Connection • G • McKay/Sheppard preslash • 10/23/04 • 6 kb • Spoilers for "Home"

Rodney's not a nice person. He knows this.

Keeping Up Appearances • G • Beckett, Zelenka, McKay • 11/02/04 • 5 kb

"Ow! Look, is that really necessary?" Carson looked across the infirmary, but Nurse Ishimura merely gave Rodney a hard look, narrowing her eyes at her patient.

Candied Apples • G • McKay/Sheppard • 11/04/04 • 9 kb

"You've never had a candied apple?" John poked at the small bundle he'd just set down on the lab table.

Remixed by Leah as Candied Apples (No Point in Asking Remix) for Remix Redux III: Reloaded.

Empirical Evidence • G • McKay/Sheppard • 11/08/04 • 6 kb

"Get away from me." Rodney crouched by the half-buried metal sphere they'd found. He waved a hand imperiously at John. "Away, away, away. Go."

Friday Night's All Right For Fighting • G • McKay/Sheppard • 11/09/04 • 5 kb

"Right. I'm gonna be—over here?—trying not to think about how much you suck."

Off The Map • G • McKay/Sheppard • 12/03/04 • 21 kb • Spoilers for "Thirty-Eight Minutes," "The Storm," "The Eye," "The Defiant One"

John rounded the corner, walking through the big arched doorway to the grounding station, and sure enough, there Rodney was.

Redux • G • McKay/Sheppard • 12/08/04 • 3 kb • Spoilers for "Sanctuary" and "Before I Sleep"

"So," John said conversationally. "You died."

Vigil • G • McKay/Sheppard • 12/13/04 • 10 kb • Spoilers for "Before I Sleep"

John rested a hand next to Rodney's head, on the coarse infirmary towel that Rodney was using as a pillow.

Minimum Safe Distance • PG • McKay/Sheppard • 12/17/04 • 19 kb • Spoilers for "Sanctuary" and "Before I Sleep"

Honestly, it was his own damn fault.

Refraction sequence

Refraction • R • McKay/Beckett, McKay/Weir, McKay/Emmagan, McKay/Grodin, McKay/Sheppard • 10/17/04 • 10 kb • Minor spoilers for "Poisoning the Well" and "Home"

Five sexual encounters Rodney McKay did have.

Through a Glass Darkly (Five Sexual Encounters Rodney McKay Never Had) • NC-17 • McKay/Ford, McKay/Zelenka, McKay/Bates, McKay/Kavanagh, McKay/Carter • 12/30/04 • 9 kb • Minor spoilers for "Rising" and SG-1 "Redemption, Pt.2"

Five sexual encounters Rodney McKay never had.

Badfic sequence

A brief explanation: Kylie Lee was discussing badfic character assassination of Rodney McKay. And she made the mistake of threatening to write more fanfic in response to badfic about Rodney's horrible-no-good-very-bad love life. (Which threat she later retracted, largely because of me, I suspect.)

I'd been informed that my first attempt wasn't really actual badfic (and, okay, it wasn't), so I had to try harder. And then I had to take a long shower and promise my brain that I would never do that again, because it made me feel unclean, and not in the fun way. (Besides which, I failed to make Kylie write more fic. Ah, well.)

Warning Shots • G • McKay/Sheppard • 09/21/04 • 5 kb

"But everyone I ever dated is in another galaxy."

Badfic • G • McKay/Sheppard • 09/22/04 • Parody • 7 kb

Sheppard finally found him in the desalination control room. The air was heavy with the tang of salt.

Badfic 2 • G • McKay/Sheppard • 12/06/04 • Parody • 3 kb

Major John Sheppard was playing hackysack on one of the terraces with Lieutenant Aiden Ford when all of the sudden a pain hit him that was so bad it made him fall down on the floor.