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Stand-alone fiction

Storm Front • NC-17 • Tucker/Reed • 16 kb

When Trip was little and a storm blew in off the Gulf of Mexico, he liked to sit at the window and press his nose against the wire screen to watch the rain pound down. Lightning would streak across the sky, and the thunder would shake the whole house on its foundation, making the windows rattle in their frames.

Reciprocity • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 13 kb

Malcolm gritted his teeth as Phlox explored the wound on his back. "My, that is a nasty laceration, Lieutenant. Next time, try to avoid the sharp falling rocks."

Syntax • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 14 kb

"Would you look at that? It's extraordinary." Malcolm knelt down next to a small statue nearly hidden in the underbrush.

Nocturne • NC-17 • Tucker/Reed • 19 kb

A hand reached out, wrapped around his upper arm, and yanked him into a darkened alley. Another hand clapped over his mouth.

Pecking Order • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 9 kb

Three of Starfleet's finest trooped merrily along a corridor of the flagship of the fleet, until one of them slowed to a stop and looked around uncertainly. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Crossed Wires • G • Tucker/Reed • 5 kb • Spoilers for "Dead Stop"

"I told you we would get in trouble." "Well, it was still a good idea."

Sight Unseen • R • Tucker/Reed • 9 kb • Spoilers for "The Communicator"

There's nothing like a quiet night in my quarters. Malcolm is pretending to work on the mission report while sneaking glances at my right arm, and I'm pretending not to notice while plotting the best way to kill Travis.

Diplomacy • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 8 kb • Spoilers for "Precious Cargo"

All the way back to the ship on the shuttlepod, Malcolm smirked at him. All the way through decon, when Kaitaama wouldn't let anyone but Trip spread the gel on her, and seemed happy to spread it on him in return, Malcolm smirked at him.

Duct Workwith Kylie Lee • NC-17 • Tucker/Reed • 5 kb

Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me!

Strange Attractors • PG • Tucker/Reed • 13 kb

My hand shakes a little as I tap in the engineering override code to open Malcolm's door. This isn't the first time I've done it, and you'd think it would get easier.

Sparkle • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 6 kb

"It looks like the problem is in the power transfer conduits." Malcolm checked the readings on his scanner against the main weapons console in the armory.

Desperate Times • PG • Sato/Cutler, Tucker/Reed • 12 kb • Minor spoilers for "Shuttlepod One"

Liz Cutler rested her head against one of the mess hall tables. She liked this table.

Making Advances • PG • Tucker/Reed • 16 kb • Spoilers for "Stigma"

"Are you all right, Commander? You look a little flushed." Hoshi looks at me with concern, her hand resting lightly on my forearm.

Breathe • PG • Tucker/Reed • 12 kb • Spoilers for "The Crossing"

"Breathe, Malcolm."

A Matter of Taste • G • Hayes/Mayweather • 7 kb

Trip pointed at Travis with his beer bottle. "He likes getting thrown around by the MACOs."

Conversation Piece • G • Tucker/Reed, T'Pol/Sato • 25 kb

"I've gone over it a million times in my head. What to say to her, how to say it…"

Mainstay sequence

Mainstay • PG-13 • Tucker/Reed • 15 kb • Spoilers for "Minefield"

I've been conferring with my engineers, working on a plan to shore up the areas where we've lost the hull plating, when the captain calls me. "Trip, don't forget about dinner this evening."

Adrift • NC-17 • Tucker/Reed • 15 kb • Spoilers for "Minefield" and "Shuttlepod One"

I shift a little on the bunk, trying to find a comfortable position for my leg. Under the anesthetic—doctor-prescribed and self-administered—it truly doesn't hurt any more, just twinges, the memory of pain more than the reality of it.

Snow-Blind sequence

Snow-Blind • R • Tucker/Reed • 4 kb

Trip saw nothing but white. An unbroken brightness, colors and shapes lost in a featureless wash.

Shelter • R • Tucker/Reed • 4 kb

Malcolm caught Trip's hand as he reached out, wrapping his fingers around the other man's and returning the pressure, strong and steady.